Steps to Take if You’re Injured on a Florida Vacation

After planning a trip for you and your loved ones, the last thing you expect is to be injured in an accident. But with so many vacationers, tourists and “snowbirds” flocking to Florida over the winter months, accidents can happen when you least expect. As any experienced West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer understands, accidents resulting in injuries can happen in a variety of different ways and leave victims facing complications for months, and perhaps years, after an accident.

What are common types of accidents in West Palm Beach and throughout Southern Florida?

  • Car accidents. You and your loved ones may have rented a vehicle to get around West Palm Beach and other popular destinations throughout Florida. But rear-end accidents caused by distracted drivers, head-on crashes due to drunk drivers and other serious accidents happen on South Florida roadways every day.
  • Hotel accidents. Premises liability issues can arise at hotels up and down Route 1, Palm Beach International Airport and throughout Southern Florida. A guest may slip and fall on a wet floor or after a handrail comes loose on a stairwell. Faulty wiring could even lead to electrocution injuries or burn injuries.
  • Restaurant accidents. With such a high volume of patrons visiting South Florida restaurants each day, restaurant owners have moral and legal obligations to keep their premises clean, adhere to food preparation standards and properly train employees. But from burn injuries caused by a clumsy waiter to food poisoning, accidents can happen.
  • Boating accidents. Boating, jet skiing, tubing and swimming are popular year-round activities for Florida tourists. But these outdoor recreational activities can turn tragic due to negligent boat rental companies, inadequate safety standards and other forms of negligent in only a moment’s notice.
  • Negligent security. From hotel lobbies to parking lots to bars and restaurants, business owners in Florida are responsible for the safety of all guests who visit their property. This means taking safety measures – from security guards to door locks and lighting – to prevent robberies and assaults.

Injuries sustained on Florida vacations can be especially confusing for a number of different reasons. You may be from another state or even another country. You may be unsure of how to recover compensation for the long-term cost of your injuries, including medical bills and lost wages due to missing work. Even worse, you may find many hurdles exist when dealing with negligent property owners or businesses located hundreds, potentially thousands of miles from where you live.

A lawyer in West Palm Beach can help. But it’s critical to hire the “right” lawyer who understands how to maneuver through oftentimes complex judicial issues that can arise when arising a claim on behalf of an out-of-state client. It is also important to hire a local lawyer who’s familiar with Florida law, has a pulse on issues facing local businesses, and understands the steps necessary to ensure you and your loved ones receive the compensation you deserve. Contact David Glatthorn Law today to speak with an attorney in West Palm Beach, FL.


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