Louisiana Drivers Named Least Safe Drivers in the Nation

Louisiana Ranked Worst Drivers In the Country

Drivers in the state of Louisiana got some unwelcome news recently when Car Insurance Comparison released its ranking of the states where the worst drivers live. Louisiana was at the top of the list, with the drivers declared the most unsafe in the entire country.

The data used to create the rankings was collected from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the National Motorists Association and Mothers Against Drunk Driving.  States were scored in five different categories and then ranked in terms of how they fared in each and in total. Louisiana performed especially poorly in the category of careless driving, but its best category was in the number of drunk drivers on the road. The state did not even do particularly well here, coming in 38th out of 50 in the category on drunk driving.

An experienced car accident lawyer in Lafayette may note Louisiana has finished in the top five states for unsafe drivers every year for the last five years. This year was the second in a row that the state finished first for the least safe drivers. Clearly, motorists in the state have a lot of work to do in order to stop doing the dangerous behaviors that are leading to so many injuries and deaths on the roads.

How Does Louisiana Stack Up on Road Safety Categories?

The data that earned Louisiana the dubious honor of being the least safe in the nation included the following scores:

  • Louisiana had 41 fatalities for every 100 million vehicle miles traveled.
  • Louisiana ranked 47th in driver failure to obey. These category refers to whether drivers obey laws related to seat belt use and traffic signals.
  • Louisiana was ranked number 38th in drunk driving.
  • Louisiana ranked number 46 on the category of tickets issued to drivers in the state.
  • Louisiana’s careless driving ranking was number 48.

This means that Louisiana finished top five among the states with the worst ratings in three different categories: the ticketing rate; failure to obey and careless driving. It was these three failures that were the primary drivers of the state’s terrible overall safety record.

The dangerous actions that drivers take on the roads have a very real consequence in terms of human lives lost and in terms of the number of people who suffer serious or life-changing injuries in auto accidents.

Every driver in the state needs to do his or her part to try to bring up these rankings and to make the roads safer for residents and visitors alike. This means that drivers need to buckle up, pay better attention to traffic signals, slow down and drive the speed limit, yield the right-of-way, stop driving drunk and avoid careless or dangerous behaviors like driving while distracted or when nodding off behind the wheel due to fatigue.

Drivers can find themselves legally liable for accidents they cause, and could end up hurting themselves or others if they do not take action to try to become safer behind the wheel. Victims of one of many accidents that occur on the unsafe roads of Louisiana also need to protect their legal right to compensation.

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