Parents Urged to Check for Recalled High Chairs as Brain Injury Rate Increases

Author: Carse Law Firm

birthday-party-659236-mA new study published in the medical journal Clinical Pediatrics underscores the importance of checking for recalled products before using any type of product with your children. The study reviewed hospital emergency room records for children ages three and under to determine the number of injuries that occur each year in high chairs.

Unfortunately, the study found that many children are suffering injuries in high chairs, which are often more serious than those suffered in traditional chairs and booster seats. Not only that, but the rate of high chair injuries has dramatically increased from 2003 to 2010. Many of these injuries occur because of faulty restraint systems, and defective product attorneys in Dallas urge every parent to check the website of the Consumer Product Safety Commission regularly to ensure that their high chair has not been subject to a recall.


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