Columbia Traffic Safety & High Risk of Speeding

If drivers make one New Years resolution in the New Year, that resolution should be to slow down. An experienced car accident attorney in Columbia, SC knows that around a third of all car accident deaths in the United States happen in accidents where a driver is going too fast – 10,000 people lose their lives every year because of speeding motorists. speeding accident

Most drivers also know that speeding is likely to cause a car accident. In fact, four drivers out of every five who participated in a recent survey conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that a person who obeys the speed limit is less likely to be involved in a crash or to get into a dangerous situation. Yet, most drivers still drive fast even knowing that it could kill themselves or others on the road.

Speeding is Something You Should Never Do

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration conducted a National Survey of Speeding Attitudes and behavior, and the results showed a major gap between what people believe and how they act when it comes to speeding.

Drivers, on the whole, seem to express responsible attitudes about speeding. A total of 91 percent said that speed limits should be obeyed because they are the law. Forty-eight percent of survey respondents also said that it was “very important” for some affirmative steps to be taken or for something to be done in order to reduce the number of people speeding in the United States.

Yet, when it came to their personal behavior, many drivers weren’t doing their part to reduce speeding crashes. One driver out of five admitted to trying to get to his or her destination as fast as possible, and more than a quarter of the respondents to the survey said that they enjoyed the feeling they got when they drove fast and/or that speeding was something that they just did automatically when they were in the car.

Drivers might be speeding, even though they admit that doing so is risky, because they believe that they are “skilled drivers.” Sixteen percent of the respondents to the NHTSA survey said that exceeding the speed limit wasn’t dangerous for a motorist who was skilled.

Yet, the reality is, even a “good” driver who is going too fast could become involved in an accident. Speeding is dangerous for all involved because it results in longer stopping distances and increases the chances of a motorist losing control of his vehicle.

To make sure that you don’t endanger yourself or others by going too fast, keep these tips in mind:

  • Always leave plenty of time to get to your destination so you won’t be tempted to speed.
  • Stay within the speed limit – you’ll get better gas mileage, avoid a ticket and perhaps save a life.
  • Adjust your speed and go more slowly if necessary because of dangerous road conditions.

When you follow these tips and avoid going over the speed limit, you can avoid accidents and help make the road a safer place for everyone.

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