Booster Seat Safety Tips for Texas Parents

Author: Hagood & Neumann

In the state of Texas in 2012, nine children under age one were killed in auto accidents over the course of the year. Another 19 kids between the ages of one and two lost their lives; while 13 three-year-olds and 11 four-year-olds were killed. Car accidents are a leading cause of death for kids, and the Texas Department of Transportation reports that in total there were 117 kids age 12 and under who were killed over the course of the year. seatbelt-602535-m

Car accident attorneys in Galveston know that children are susceptible to car accident injuries for many different reasons, especially infants whose bones may not be as strong as those of adults and whose bones have not fully fused together in all areas yet. Protecting kids from accidents is very important, and CBS indicates that seat belts and car accidents can go a long way towards helping kids to survive in an auto accident.

Seat Belts, Booster Seats and Car Seats Can All Help to Save Kids

In the state of Texas, children are required by law to ride in either a car seat or a booster seat until they reach the age of eight. This requirement exists because seat belts in cars are not designed for children but are instead designed for adults. Seat belts don’t fit as snugly as they should on children, do not rest in the right spots on a child’s body, and can actually be dangerous when a young child is not properly restrained in either a car seat or a booster seat.


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