Pet Restraints May Not Prevent Car Accident Injuries, But New Standards Could Improve Safety

By: Law Offices of Richard McKinney

Driving with pets in the car can be a distraction for motorists and it can be a risk for pets and people. Many pet owners who want to travel with their canine companions but who are serious about safety attempt to make the responsible choice and use a pet restraint to keep their dog secured in the vehicle as they drive. Unfortunately, new evidence indicates that many pet restraints fail to provide adequate protections. bichon2-1429569-m

People injured in a car accident can consult with a car accident lawyer in Seattle to obtain compensation for their own injuries and for the wrongful death of a family member. Pets, however, are treated as property and usually there is little or no compensation provided to cover the costs of their injuries or to compensate family members for the loss of a beloved pet who is killed in a car accident. Pet owners who wish to do everything possible to keep their animals safe deserve to have the information they need about pet car restraints, and new standards now may make this possible.

Author: Richard McKinney


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