Buffalo Traffic Accidents and Winter Safe Driving

Author: James Morris

The Buffalo Law Offices of James Morris warn drivers to be careful on the roads during unsafe winter weather conditions.

Winter is coming fast to Buffalo and at least one car accident has already occurred because of icy roads.  More than 20 cars lost control as a result of early ice in November, causing an overnight pileup on the I-290 ramp leading to I-190 South.  WIVB 4 reports that black ice was the cause of the crashes, which occurred on a road that the salt trucks had not yet visited. Drivers were surprised by the slick road and witnesses to the scene indicated that they “saw one car after another, badly damaged and being towed away.”

Car accident lawyers in Buffalo know that this crash, unfortunately, is likely one of the first of many that icy weather will cause this winter. Driving on snow and ice is always an adjustment when winter strikes each year and motorists need to remember how to stay safe on slippery roads.

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