Philadelphia Teen Killed in Accident On the Way to School: What Can Parents Do?

Within a two-week period of time, two Pennsylvania teens from the same high school were killed in auto accidents. One of the two teens who died was hit on the way to the bus stop. The other fatal accident occurred at around 4:50 p.m. when the young victim was a passenger in a car that crashed into a park truck. In that crash, three other passengers needed medical assistance as well. 

Pedestrian accident lawyers in Delaware Valley know that accidents can happen when kids are traveling too and from school. As these recent incidents show, kids can get hurt whether they are in vehicles with their friends or  are pedestrians simply trying to get to school.  Car accidents are a leading cause of deaths for teens and parents need to do everything they can to make sure their children are safe this school year.

How Can Parents Help Keep Kids Safe?

Parents need to understand some of the biggest risks that young motorists face and should do everything they can to help their kids avoid collisions. Some of the different things that parents may wish to consider include:

  • Having their kids ride the school bus to and from school. Despite the fatal pedestrian crash that happened when the PA teen was walking to the bus stop, school bus transportation is usually considered the safest way for a young student to get to and from class. In fact, the NHTSA indicates that students are 50 times as likely to arrive at school alive when they take a school bus as compared to when they are driven to school by a parent or when they ride to school with friends. Only one percent of student fatalities happen to kids traveling by school bus during normal school travel time, while 58 percent of deaths occur if kids are traveling by teen driver and 23 percent happen when the students are traveling with an adult.
  • Making sure kids do not ride with too many friends in the car. NBC Philadelphia indicates that the second recent deadly accident is under investigation and it is “not clear if the number of kids in the car was a contributing factor to the accident.” Unfortunately, when teens drive with their friends, the chances of a car accident occurring are increased significantly.
  • Setting clear driving safety rules for kids. Parents need to know who their kids are in the car with, and how their kids are behaving. Many parents will enter into Parent-Teen Driving Agreements with their children so the expectations are clear for everyone involved.

While accidents cannot ever be 100 percent avoided among young drivers, parents who follow these tips will take an important step in helping to protect their kids from becoming car accident victims.  Parents should also remember to set a good example themselves, refraining from dangerous behaviors like texting and driving when their kids are in the car and observing. By modeling smart driving behavior and communicating regularly with their children, parents should be able to make the roads a little safer for everyone.

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By: Randall Flager


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