Texas DOT Hopes to Prevent Drunk Driving By Putting a Face on Victims

Author: Tom Carse
Carse Law Firm

Drunk driving deaths happen throughout the United States, but statistics indicate that the state of Texas leads the nation in terms of fatalities caused by intoxicated drivers. Statistics also indicate that Texas leads in terms of the total number of drunk driving car crashes. This is bad data for Texas, since a high number of drunk driving accidents and fatalities means that every driver on the roads in the Lone Star State is at unnecessary risk. 1114180_-_im_still_mobile_-

Our Dallas car accident lawyers know that drunk driving accidents can be devastating, especially when an intoxicated driver causes harm to innocent victims.

However, just looking at drunk driving statistics is not sufficient to make many people see and understand the reality of just how great the costs of drunk driving can be. There are many people who still drive drunk, even knowing the high accident rate. KLTV.com reports that the Texas Department of Transportation is hoping to do something that will make a real impact in helping people understand the full consequences of driving while impaired.

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