Lithium Toxicity Death Leads to Large Damage Award

Israel & Gerity, PLLC has earned a reputation throughout the country for getting clients desired results when they need a leading lithium toxicity lawyer. Attorneys Kyle A. Israel, Michael E. Gerity and their staff dealt with several, important lithium toxicity cases brought forward by people suffering from this serious medical condition.

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After her husband’s death on Christmas Day in 2007, a widow filed a lawsuit against both the treating physician and the hospital where the deceased had been treated. The lawsuit has now been resolved, with a jury ordering the doctor to pay $850,000 to the widow. reports that the hospital also paid the widow $1 million to settle the case outside of court, resulting in total compensation of almost $2 million for the plaintiff.119379488(1)

The death prompting the widow’s claims was caused by an overdose of lithium. Lithium toxicity lawyers in Arizona know that too much lithium can have a serious adverse impact and is often fatal. Unfortunately, the deceased in this case was given more than three times his normal daily dose of lithium over the course of an eleven day hospital stay.

Lithium Use in Patients

Lithium is a popular psychiatric medication used to treat a number…

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