Law Wire News – Top Louisville Personal Injury Lawyers and Car Accident Attorneys

At Law Wire News, we work with many personal injury lawyers and car accident attorneys across the country. In Louisville, Kentucky, we have the privileged of working with two of the best personal injury attorneys, that we have come across. The Shelton Law Group and the Slechter Law Firm are well-known throughout Louisville as experienced, dedicated and professional. We highly recommend these law firms if you have sustained an injury in the Louisville area. Whether you were in a car accident and looking for a car accident lawyer, or if you need an attorney for an injury due to another person’s negligence, contact these two firms today.

Shelton Law Group
9300 Shelbyville Road, Ste. 215C
Louisville, KY 40202
Phone: 502-409-6460
Toll-Free: 888-761-7204

The Slechter Law Firm
2507 Bush Ridge Drive
Louisville, KY 40245

Phone: 502-384-7400
Toll-Free: 1-(855)-598-7425


About Law Wire News

At Law Wire News we write and publish original and syndicated news and press releases related to the law.
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