Teens at High Risk of Speed-Related Traffic Accidents in Ohio

Author: Attorney Scott Smith
Smith Law Office
Speeding drivers are at high risk of being involved in a fatal accident since they are more likely to lose control of their car or to be unable to stop in time. They are also more likely to die since higher speeds result in crashes with more force and momentum, and in turn greater potential damage in a crash. 1406509_speedometer_mph

Teen drivers are also at higher risk of becoming involved in fatal wrecks since they are inexperienced and get into more traffic accidents than those in any other age group. When you combine teen drivers and speeding, therefore, you have a recipe for disaster.

Our Columbus injury lawyers know that auto accidents are a leading cause of death for young people. Recently, however, the GHSA has made clear how big of a role speeding plays in causing fatal teen traffic collisions.
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