To Reduce the Risk of a Car Accident, Get More Than Six Hours of Sleep!

Any car accident lawyer in Louisville knows that driving while fatigued can significantly increase the risk of crashing your car. In fact, drowsy drivers can be just as much of a menace on the roads as drivers impaired by drugs or alcohol, and Drowsy attributes about 100,000 crashes every single year to driver fatigue. These accidents cause around 1,550 deaths, 71,000 injuries and $12.5 billion in monetary losses annually.

Although most people know drowsy driving is dangerous, some do it anyway, with as many as 60 percent of adult drivers admitting to driving while fatigued and more than a third of motorists indicating to researchers that they’d fallen asleep behind the wheel, some as often as once per month. Not all drivers are equally likely to be driving while drowsy, though, and new studies indicate that those who are considered “short-sleepers” are far more likely than other motorists to doze off behind the wheel.

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Author: Attorney Mat Slechter


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