Our Loved Ones Deserve Respect and Dignity in Their Final Years

Holding Hands with Elderly PatientLook around your local grocery store or doctor’s office or place of worship. We are all getting older. There are more men and women than ever in our country living well into their senior citizen years. The most recent census, conducted in 2010, showed that there are now more than 40 million people in the United States sixty-five years of age or older. This age bracket accounts for around thirteen percent of our total population.

With the “graying of America,” as some analysts have termed this demographic development, comes new opportunities and challenges. There are more people who now need assisted care, as living longer does not necessarily mean our minds and bodies are up for the extended life span without the help of others. This also means that those who enter into a profession associated with geriatric medicine or residential care will not have to search long for open job positions in their chosen field. The attorneys at Bertolino LLP will work with you to make sure the offending parties are no longer allowed to harm your family member or anyone else.
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