Amputation & Other Catastrophic Injuries a Risk in Louisville Construction Accidents

Construction accidents are one of many causes of serious injury that can lead to amputation.  Many individuals who lose a limb in a construction accident, car accident or after suffering a crush injury, may fear that their lives will never be the same again. While it is true that amputations can be expensive and can result in ongoing medical issues, accident victims can go on to lead a full and productive life even after losing a limb. For many victims, a construction accident lawyer in Louisville can help to secure compensation for the costs of accidents, so these patients can focus on getting better and moving on with life after being injured.

Lex 18 tells the inspiring story of one victim who has not only recovered from a devastating accident to have a family and do the things he enjoys but who is also providing motivation to others who have suffered injuries in accidents that seem almost impossible to overcome.

Accident Victims Can Recover With Medical Help & Positive Attitudes 

The man profiled by Lex 18 was seriously injured around 10 years ago when a step broke on a grader and his legs were crushed by the 16-ton machine. The man suffered severe abdominal injuries and his legs reportedly “looked like spaghetti.”

The accident injuries necessitated more than 20 different surgeries and medical procedures, and the man ultimately lost his right leg to amputation. However, with extensive rehabilitation and extended therapy, he was able to recover and is now a “motivation and resource to many as a result of his injury.” He routinely visits Cardinal Hill Hospital in Lexington and other local area hospitals to tell his story about his recovery and his life now with a “new normal” that includes a wife he met after his injury and a child they had together.

This man’s story is unusual because he overcome such traumatic injuries to spread a message of hope to others. However, construction accidents and crushing injuries are, unfortunately, far too common. A total of 22 percent of all amputations each year in the United States are caused by trauma, with industrial and auto accidents the two leading reasons for amputation related to accidents.

This means thousands of people each year lose limbs after their limbs are crushed, severed or irreparably damaged.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics, for example, reports that there were 5,260 amputation injuries in 2011 and that amputation injuries generally required a median of 25 days away from work or longer in order for the victim to recover.

When a victim has limbs amputated, the cost of treatment and rehabilitation can be expensive. A 2007 PubMed study, reported that the projected lifetime healthcare cost for a patient who has a limb amputated was  $509,275. For some patients with serious injuries, the cost is much higher.

Still, when these costs are covered by accident injury claims or by insurance, a victim can get better and can move on to positive things. This Kentucky man’s story is an important inspiration to those coping with accident losses who worry about the future.

A construction accident lawyer in Louisville can help accident victims.  Call The Slechter Law Firm at (855) KYTRIAL today for a  free consultation with a local, Kentucky attorney.


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