Brain Injury Costs Following Oklahoma Car Accidents

According to News 9, an Oklahoma City police officer was involved in a three-car crash in early September.  The police officer was off duty and stopped at a stop light on US-177 and 45th Street in Shawnee. His vehicle was rear-ended by the driver behind him, who reportedly was distracted by a passenger in the car at the time of the incident. Tragically, the police officer suffered a brain injury as a result of the collision.

This crash wasn’t the first for the police officer, who had been seriously injured in 2000 after hitting a utility pole. The officer required eight surgeries after the initial crash, which sent him through the windshield. Today, it is not yet clear exactly what treatment the officer will require to try to rehabilitate and recover after the brain injury. However, our accident lawyers in Oklahoma know these costs should be paid by the insurer of the driver who rear-ended him.

Injury Costs Should Be Covered After a Traffic Collision

News 9 Oklahoma has reported that money is currently being raised through a fundraiser to support the police officer involved in the accident. The officer was an MMA fighter in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and his manager in his UFC career has organized the fundraiser because it is not clear the extent of the officer’s injuries, nor is the long-term prognosis clear.

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