Deadly Three Car Accident in Detroit Linked to Alcohol and Speeding

According to CBS Detroit, a traffic collision on the M-10 has resulted in three fatalities. The accident happened at approximately 1 a.m. on a Sunday and resulted in a portion of the road being closed for more than five hours.  There were two vehicles involved in the auto accident, and in addition to the three fatalities, another two people were injured. speedometer-mph-1406509-m

Reports from Michigan State Police after the accident indicate that alcohol, excessive speed and a failure to wear seatbelts were likely possible factors leading to the crash and the injuries and deaths. Unfortunately, the NHTSA indicates that speeding is a leading cause of car wrecks and that it is very common for alcohol to be involved in speed-related accidents. When speeding and alcohol are the causes of a crash and innocent drivers are hurt, it is important for victims to contact a Detroit car accident lawyer for assistance.

Excess Speed and Alcohol are a Deadly Combination 

In its Traffic Safety Facts report, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said that “alcohol and speeding are clearly a deadly combination.” It is likely that this was the case in the recent Detroit auto accident.

As CBS Detroit reported, witnesses described a 2003 Monte Carlo driving north at high speeds and crashing into a 2006 Toyota Corolla. Both vehicles were reportedly traveling northbound  on M-10.

Due to the force of the impact, witnesses indicate that the Toyota Corolla was flipped. There were four occupants inside of the Toyota, three of whom were pronounced dead at the scene.  Specifics regarding the condition of the drivers and passengers in the Monte Carlo have not been reported.

While the crash is still under investigation and it has not yet been conclusively determined if either speed or alcohol were the direct cause of the crash, preliminary evidence indicates this is likely the case. If alcohol and speed turn out to be the cause, then this accident is just one of many that happen over the course of the year as a result of intoxicated drivers and reckless speeding.

The NHTSA indicates that speeding and alcohol use often go hand-in-hand, with 2007 crash statistics revealing that 40 percent of drivers with a blood-alcohol content in excess of the .08 legal limit were speeding at the time they were involved in a fatal crash. This is compared with only 15 percent of drivers with a blood-alcohol content of zero who were involved in a fatal wreck.

Younger drivers are more likely to speed when driving drunk, with 52 percent of speeding drivers between the ages of 21 and 24 having a BAC of .08 or higher at the time they were involved in a fatal wreck.  However, any motorist who is drunk may be prone to driving at excessive speeds because of his intoxicated state and may not be able to drive in a safe manner. Passengers in such accidents may still seek compensation from the driver’s assets, as well as his or her insurance policy.

An experienced Detroit car accident lawyer can help if you or a loved one has been hurt. Call us today at 1-800-872-7119 for a free case evaluation.


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