Brain Injury Has a Lasting Impact on Accident Victims

Our Detroit brain injury attorneys know that accident victims who sustain brain damage will have lasting symptoms and will experience a significant change in their life after an injury.  Unfortunately, many people are unaware of just how badly a brain injury can affect a victim. Now, as Forbes reports, a new HBO movie is debuting that will shed more light on the insidious nature of brain injuries and that will help to raise understanding of what brain injury victims endure.Malpractice2

The movie has been described as the “definitive film on brain injury,” and has been said to be unlike any other movie ever made on the subject.  The movie is an important one because by bringing attention to the serious and pervasive consequences of a brain injury, victims may be able to get more support from caregivers, from the public, and perhaps even from insurance companies who traditionally try to downplay the extent of injury sustained in order to avoid having to pay out large injury settlements to victims who sustained brain damage.

HBO Film Shows the Pervasive Consequences of Brain Injury

“The Crash Reel” focuses on a brain injury sustained while doing a snowboarding trick. The victim of the brain injury who is featured in the movie is named Kevin Pearce. Pearce is a young man who was widely viewed as a rising young start in the pro-snowboarding world before he was severely injured.

Unfortunately, Pearce, who had been awarded several medals and who was featured on EPSN, sustained a serious injury while attempting a technical snowboarding trick called a cab double cork.  His injury left him in a coma and he was forced to remain in a rehab hospital for months in 2010 to try to recover.

While Pearce is no longer in the rehab hospital, his therapy to recover from the brain injury has lasted years and has been very arduous. It is the same type of therapy that many other brain injury victims need to undergo, regardless of whether they sustain their injuries in sporting events, in auto accidents, or in a slip and fall incident.

Pearce had to relearn how to walk and had to undergo difficult and time-consuming therapy to try to recover from the damage he did to his brain.  His injury was described as affecting his physical, mental and social functions and, as the director of the movie indicated, a brain injury “affects everything.”

Unfortunately, while he has worked hard to walk again and hopefully one day will be able to snowboard again, doctors indicate that he has sustained permanent damage to his brain that will never go away. His memory and his vision will forever be affected and he is at serious risk if he ever experiences another blow to the head. This sad reality about brain injury depicted in the movie is a fact of life for many who have sustained damage to the brain.

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